Design & Engineering Services

Design & Engineering Services

MBM Gulf provides services such as design, procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, air conditioning and public health systems.

Comprehensive Engineering Service For Superior Projects

When you are looking for a company that can give you the expert electrical engineering in Dubai, you are essentially looking for the complete electrical installation and maintenance service and you should talk to us because we are matchless on this front

Our excellence and approach:

Comprehensive engineering solution: As far engineering services are concerned, we offer a complete solution. Be it industrial engineering in UAE or electrical engineers, you can get engineers who are trained in their respective field and they come with experience too. From mechanical engineering to the MEP, you can exact solution according to to your demands and needs.

Clear design: When you are looking for industrial engineering in UAE, you are ultimately looking for design secure. We make sure that we give a clear design. We use advanced technology and tools to design each project.
We ensure that clients get prototypes before we commence the job. It is our designing superiority that makes us there most preferred company in the market. Be it electrical or mechanical engineering, you can get the best designing service and solution.

Better quality materials:We understand the fact that you need the highest quality materials, therefore, we ensure that we procure super quality materials for the job. Our industry connection empowers us sourcing the best quality products at the most preferred price range.

Quality assurance: Be it electrical engineering in Dubai for your projects such as HVAC system, electrical installation, plumbing solution or fire fighting security solution, we make sure that we have a quality check system in order to offer you the perfect solution, it is this approach that makes us the best service provider.

Communication and customized solution: We as the best engineering solution service provider make sure that we communicate with our clients to give them the right solution, we are aware of the fact that each client needs something specific, therefore, we ensure that we give them the customized solution.

Cost friendly engineering solution: There are a number of companies working in the market but we are one of those rare companies that offer affordable service, we understand the fact that clients are looking for cost friendly solution and we do not miss any opportunity to give them the right solution.

We are a certified organization that follows safety protocols. Our staffs are trained to work according to the defined protocols and policies.

Your search for the best engineering solution company should ideally end here because we are the most proffered, be it commercial, industrial or the residential projects we have expertise and experience to deal with all kinds of projects, so call us today to find out how we can give you the right solution for your projects.

  • 1. A full-fledged office for design, drafting and value engineering solutions.
  • 2. In house well experienced engineering team.
  • 3. Provides a wide range of engineering services and solution including CADD services.
  • 4. Vast experienced in house drafting team.
  • 5. capable to produce drawings in 2D & 3D format for altered projects i.e. Residential, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Healthcare, Industrial and Educational sertors.