Sanitizer Tunnel - Effectively Eliminating Traces of Deadly Virus

The world has changed after the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic. Today, the world is not the same as it used to be. In fact, people are gripped in the fear of uncertainty and risks. As the economy is severely affected due to the sudden eruption of this pandemic, people are now questing after meaningful solutions. Here, at MBM Gulf Electromechanical LLC, a reputed sanitizer tunnel supplier, we are trying to diminish the level of threat. Solutions are always present around us and the need is just to embrace them. A sanitizer tunnel can easily neutralize any traces of deadly coronavirus.

One of the leading sanitizer tunnel suppliers in Dubai, MBM Gulf Electromechanical LLC is fully familiar with the emerging necessities. We are striving to come forward with relevant and promising solutions. By pouring sincere efforts, leveraging upon technical innovation, we have managed to attain our goals. Today, we are regarded as the best sanitizer tunnel supplier in UAE. The engineering team at MBM Gulf is deft with design, manufacturing and maintenance of complex systems.

Following are the key characteristics of our sanitizer tunnel -

  • Eco friendly and safe for human use
  • Size/dimension as discussed with the customer
  • Suitable for permanent and temporary installation
  • Sober in appearance
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Fully automatic grade
  • Suitable for official and commercial premises
  • Use of safe cleaning solutions

MBM Gulf Electromechanical LLC has made its presence felt as the leading sanitizer tunnel supplier in UAE. We emphasize heavily upon quality, creativity, usefulness and reliability. Feel free to contact us if you are searching for sanitizer tunnel suppliers in Dubai. Our sanitizing tunnels are reasonably priced, purposely designed and manufactured to deal with severe threats.