Electrical Coordination and Supervising the Electrical Installations in the MEP Project.


1. Review electrical engineering drawings and refer issues requiring changes.
2. Assign job tasks and work as per electrical project schedules.
3. Review all electrical drawings with Leadmen performing on assigned jobs to them.
4. Stimulate fabrication standards to ensure quality work attained from assigned staff.
5. Recruit, guide, train, monitor and terminate assigned employees as required.
6. Recommend effective solutions specified weight related to employment status of employees.
7. Schedule, assign, plan and supervise electrical shop personnel performance on different electrical projects.
8. Plan and prepare work and equipment usage schedules.
9. Develop electrical expenditures priority and equipment and appliance maintenance procedures.
10. Develop electrical material and labor forecasts.
11. Train and inform employees about new work procedures.
12. Provide information on modification on work policies, safety regulations, electrical codes and specifications.
13. Review future buildings plans and inspect new buildings to ensure compliance with current electrical codes and maintenance
14. Inspect new-fangled construction along with remodels.
15. Support Electrical Engineers in design needs
16. Assume responsibility to prepare IR’s for material/equipment delivered to site, for inspection by the Client/Engineer.
17. Daily Site Diary and progress
18. Labour attendance and allocation
19. Assume responsibility to liaising with discipline Engineers on technical issues that may/will affect construction, operation, maintenance, safety and progress of works.
20. Assume responsibility to inspection of completed sections of works prior to initiating an “Inspection Request” to the Client/Engineer.

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ELECTRICAL Coordination and Supervising the Mechanical Installations in the project.


  • To be responsible for the implementations and monitoring of all mechanical related operations at the site as per approved drawings and methods and safety rules.
  • To assess the project requirements as per design proposals, specifications, manuals, and other data to evaluate the feasibility & cost
  • To ensure profitable and productive utilization of all Departmental resources, and that all the Project activities are carried out in accordance with MBM Gulf group’s quality standards, regulations and systems.
  • To provide efficient manpower plan, material requirement report to Project Manager for the proper execution of project.
  • To create positive working culture with team; review present construction skills in the company and propose necessary changes.
  • Improve key construction skill as part of continuous improvement program.
  • Deliver the projects within cost and budget and raise maximum invoices as per top management’s decisions.
  • Shall be instrumental in construction actual status communication to senior management.
  • To work closely with construction team and deliver of necessary drawings and documents to all sites to achieve project delivery on time.
  • Prepare weekly construction goals and target to all construction projects and manage schedule and cost.
  • Attend meetings on the sites with main contractors & Consultants as and when required
  • Perform weekly construction meetings with core construction team and discuss mitigation action plans.
  • Maintain right amount of material by planning effectively along with project planning team and planning software.
  • Support and work closely with procurement department for right time material delivery on site within the Company budget.
  • Identify the skills and training needs for construction operation.
  • Apply systematic approach to construction process; lead start up t construction team, vendor and client team maintain positive working relation.
  • Participate and provide construction input to new sub-contractors within company budgets.
  • Lead major coordination within MEP construction functions, civil contractor and sub-contractors.
  • Identify the scope for variation on site to project team to prepare variation request.
  • Support quality and safe work practice and lead safety culture.
  • Investigate equipment failures and difficulties to diagnose faulty operation, and to make recommendations to maintenance crew.
  • Response to any technical query regarding any issues related to mechanical static based on latest standard engineering practice.


  • To determine system and method of implementing the project.
  • To purchase necessary resources and means for the project with concerned approval.
  • To perform technical works of the project.
  • To determine working schedule for the implementation of the project.
  • To manage any conflict, disputes and problems between and among those involved in the project.
  • To take different steps for the unity of all the personnel and managers involved in the project.
  • To keep direct contact with Clients.
  • To motivate development of technical and managerial aspects of the project.
  • To create suitable environment for the smooth operation of the project.
  • To super use the performance and evaluate of the project.
  • To give different directions regarding performance and working method of the project.


  • To complete the project within the allotted budget and time limit.
  • To follow the proper construction standard to ensure the quality.
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