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Mechanics of yours will be managed by us

Mechanical designing is a significant part of our incorporated structure administrations.
We excel at establishing the best and newest tech oriented device for our clients and keep them update as per the market requirement.

Trust the Leading MEP Contracting Companies in UAE

While finalizing a building design, three aspects are there to be considered i.e. electrical, mechanical and plumbing designs. If you are planning a building construction and looking for economically powerful techniques to implement in the process, get in touch with any of the leading MEP companies in Dubai. You have to look at each and everything in the process with utmost care and make sure to use the most efficient techniques which will be very difficult to do without MEP service providers. MEP Contracting Companies in UAE will not just help you with planning but also bring amazing long term benefits such as:

  • Good ventilation and air conditioning arrangements
  • Efficient sewage and irrigation systems
  • Cost-effective lighting fixtures
  • Energy efficiency
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Security & fire alarms
  • Excellent waste removal

At MBM Gulf Electromechanical LLC, we deal with all these aspects to ensure the best building design. Our services have placed us among the most reliable MEP companies in Dubai and earned us huge reputation in the UAE market. You can trust us for your requirements and see it yourself. So, if you are looking for the best MEP Contracting Companies in UAE, we can be the perfect match!

Our strength at the electrical engineering

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Electromechanical company in Dubai

We have conveyed a wide range of industry, framework and advancement extends in Dubai. Utilizing our part explicit information, we give in fact and economically powerful arrangements that satisfy our customers' needs, just as it develops a stronger framework for the future innovations and scalability for the electrical framework.
Numerous specialized controls are engaged with a structure's shell and structure, requiring far reaching counseling and cautious arranging. We work in close collaboration with different specialists to make creative, useful and build able structures.
Our administrations in electrical building spread the whole chain, from overviews and development to control and reconnaissance. They go from vitality use examination through to flexible system structure.

  • Dispersions systems
  • Crisis/backup control
  • Gear associations
  • Outlets and branch circuiting
  • Lighting and lighting control mechanism
  • Establishing/lightning security, strength and scalability arrangements for the system.
  • Protecting mechanism, power backup supply for the maintenance of the electrical needs
  • Sustainable power source advancements
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Pipes networking and maintenance

Pipes designing is a control that is instrumental in shielding general wellbeing. The honesty and nature of these frameworks ensures us in our homes as well as in our open structures, networks and urban areas.
From consumable water frameworks in tall structures to ensure against reverse, to pharmaceutical evaluation Water for injection frameworks, and therapeutic evaluation gas frameworks conveyed all through emergency clinics and to working rooms and to the gathering and treatment frameworks for unique squanders before they leave a structure, we plan sheltered and solid pipes frameworks inside administrative systems.

Our service includes all the above mentioned:
  • High virtue water frameworks
  • Pharmaceutical UPS and WFI water frameworks
  • Consumable and non-consumable water frameworks
  • Clean waste and vent frameworks
  • Lab disposables and vent system for labs
  • Squander treatment and balance frameworks
  • Dim water, tempest water frameworks
  • Mass vaporous capacity frameworks
  • Lab and restorative gas frameworks

All the above service which we provide evolves constantly and hence we keep up with the latest tools and technology while providing the service. All our technicians and other consultants are highly qualified for these jobs and assist you properly if you also have a in-house team of the engineers then also our team works in co-ordination to achieve a goal.

Our project management team is highly talented team of professionals and hence we have a system for the management of our work force, where we incorporate your team also within the given system and manage the work seamlessly. This all process is carried by a project led which governs the complete program and manage the each unit work seamlessly.